Major domestic and overseas activities

Moving Forward Together

POSCO INTERNATIONAL promotes POSCO Group’s management philosophy, ‘Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together’, setting an example in the field of corporate social responsibility while fostering a company culture that values growth alongside with local community. In order to achieve this, all our employees including the overseas staffs, are participating in various volunteer activities both in Korea and overseas to make contribution to local society.


After-School English Program Fun Fun English

Operation of the after-school English education program for local children,
Fun Fun English
Since 2012, POSCO INTERNATIONAL has been offering an English education program, ‘Fun Fun English’, in order to provide children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Korea an opportunity to receive systematic English education. Through the program, we provide professional English language teachers, English textbooks, and learning materials. Furthermore, the volunteers comprised of our employees willing to donate their talents, called ‘POSCO INTERNATIONAL Supporters’, visits childcare centers in different regions each month to encourage children with various English activities together. Through the ‘Fun Fun English’ program, POSCO INTERNATIONAL promises to continue the efforts to ensure children’s right to education, helping them to grow up to become talented individuals for the world.

Educational Support for Adolescents of Multicultural Families and Immigrated Youth

Education support programs for immigrated adolescents
We have been supporting a psychotherapy program using visual arts and music since 2015 for immigrated teenagers residing in Incheon to provide Korean language education while improving their psychological stability. The immigrated adolescents participating in this program are attainting Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) results and Korean citizenship through the systematic Korean education provided for them. The volunteers made of our employees hosted events such as ‘Company Open Day for Immigrated Adolescents’, and ‘Cooking Traditional Food for National Holidays’ to help them understand Korean cultures, and familiarize themselves with the Korean society, ultimately to grow up to become a proud member of the Korean society.

Be The Parents

Child support program for infants and young children waiting for adoption
Since 2015, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is assisting foster families for infants and young children waiting for adoption. Each year in May, the month also known as the Month of Family in Korea, our employees make gift boxes containing baby handkerchiefs that are hand-made by our employees, baby formula, diapers and other baby items and postcards wishing for a bright future for the children. In addition, the family-based volunteers ‘Friends Together Volunteers’ visits childcare facilities for infants and donates their talents by looking after the babies, and organizing picnics with the foster families.


Preventing Blindness and Improve Eye Health Eye Camp

Papua, Indonesia
Medical programs to improve the basic medical treatment environments
POSCO INTERNATIONAL is cooperating with the Indonesian corporate PT BIA, Korean medical staffs, Ministry of Health in Indonesia, the local health center CV Abicha Medika to provide medical services to the local residents of Papua, Indonesia. The Korean medical staffs participating in the program provide basic health checkup and medical examinations with the local medical staffs, improving the medical record keeping environments to make sure the local residents can continue to receive medical benefits. Furthermore, we provide not only medical supplies and drugs to the program, but also health education to local residents and elementary school students to prevent development of diseases.

Medical Volunteering for Children with Craniofacial Smile For Children

Blindness prevention and eye health improvement program
Actively responding to the local community’s request on treatment related to eye health due to the high exposure to ultraviolet rays of the warm and dry climate of Uzbekistan, we have been operating a medical camp for eye diseases for the last four years since 2014. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health in Uzbekistan, Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, and local NGOs, we have provided free medical treatments and surgeries for around 6,000 people suffering from diseases such as cataract, pterygium, and decreased vision across Bukhara and Fergana. From 2019, we are currently preparing for a more advanced medical program that involves training local medical staffs in the country.

Medical and Educational Support for Coexistence with Community

Smile for Children’ program for children with facial deformation
Since 2015, POSCO INTERNATIONAL has been offering free surgeries for Myanmarese children suffering from facial deformation such as cleft lip and cleft palate in cooperation with Korean non-for-profit medical organizations, the Ministry of Health Myanmar, and local hospital. Furthermore, we are donating medical supplies and prescription drugs to local hospital in order to improve the local medical environments while transferring medical knowledge and technology to local medical staffs. Facial deformation, which appear on the face of the patients, affects patients and could have a negative influence on family members as well. ‘Smile for Children’ program is a medical program that creates a positive impact on the society that presents a bright future not only for the children who could regain their face after the surgery, but also the parents and other family members.