Ukraine Grain Terminal

As the cornerstone for expanding the value chain to construct a 10 million ton grain trading system by 2023, we began local origination from the Ukraine, which is a major grain-producing nation, while investing in the grain terminal, which is a bottleneck point for grain exports and an essential asset for trading. We plan to significantly increase corn, wheat and barley trade volume by constructing a supply chain in the Black Sea area around Ukraine to enter the grain export terminal-inland silo-inland logistics business. Furthermore, we plan to contribute to national food security by procuring a stable procurement base in the US, Brazil, and Argentina, while elevating our competitiveness in local origination to solidify our position as a global grain trader.

  • Ukraine Grain Terminal 1
  • Ukraine Grain Terminal 2
  • Ukraine Grain Terminal 3
  • Ukraine Grain Terminal 4
  • Ukraine Grain Terminal 5
  • Commercial Operation : December 2019
  • Region : Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • Grain : Corn, Wheat, Barley, Soybean, etc.
  • Handling Capacity : 2.5 million tons/year